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Celebration Comments

If you attended the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, please leave us your impressions and comments relating to your experiences during the event.

Your post will be added to the list below, viewable by others who visit this site. Thank you for sharing your impressions.

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carwad    09 December 2009 12:39

meL_    10 August 2008 23:52
Heaven is at hand -- Jesus
THIS is Heaven.
Why do You reject THAT?

From Jesus: eyes that SEE,
ears that HEAR.. just functional.. the Soul.

Why do You reject THAT?

God is SEEN.

Why do You reject THAT?

i dont.

Dont faint.


Thalia Velasco    24 February 2008 22:50
We were invited to be in the New Baptist Convenant at Atlanta. we came from Mexican Baptist Convention.
In Mexico we baptist are less than the 1% of the population, so we were delighted to meet so many Baptists!
My commentary is that in North America thare are three Countries, not only USA. Canada, USA and Mexico so if it`s possible we`ll like to be more involved even we`re a very small Convention.
We can present our plans, the way we witness in a very Catholic country, and Im sure the Canadian Baptist have interesting issues as well.
May the Lord be with you and that this will become a movement!
Thalia Velasco

Stefan Andre Waligur    23 February 2008 21:12
Dear Friends in Christ,

When I heard about the New Baptist Covenant I was delighted! How good it is when sisters and brothers come together in true unity!
It is said that there the Blessing of God flows!

In the Peace of Christ,
Stefan Andre Waligur

Barbara Cornett    23 February 2008 07:02
We ignore the political realities and the cultural wars in America at our own peril.

Shouldn't we focus on education and intellectualism so that Christians will be able to secure our country and defend our religion?

Is doesn't seem right that Christians are treated disrespectfully and stereotyped and scapegoated politically. I realize we live in a free society but is it too much to ask that we be treated by the same standards and rules that apply to Jewish people.

Christians are losing the PR wars and the sad fact is that most Christians are unaware that such cultural wars are happening.

It is a failure of the Southern Baptist Convention that we have not put more emphasis upon education and awareness. The Bible teaches that we should study and arm ourselves with knowledge. There could never be a greater need than there is today.

Creationism and political issues such as abortion and gay rights are giving powerful weapons to enemies of Christianity who use them as an excuse to wage an all-out attack against all Christians. We are losing this war.

WASPs are made to seem illigitmate in our own country while others become the new ruling elites of America.

Our highest priority should be a strong and clear emphasis upon education and it should be treated as something that is necessary and Godly. Because it is.

Chuck Strong    22 February 2008 12:11
I agree with the idea of being able to network with those who attended the conference. Wouldn't it be great to be able to see if there were others in your particular area who attended so that you could partner with them in ministry? It appears that the technology is available.

I pastor a very small church and we are always looking for possibilities to partner with others.

Chuck Strong
Olive Branch Fellowship
P.O. Box 1819
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Chris Sanders    22 February 2008 05:55
Map the Covenant movement.

Use a web-based, interactive mapping program (virtual "pushpins" on a map) to locate those who self-identify with the Covenant as individuals, churches, programs, etc. Clicking on the pin drills down to more information.

Chris Sanders    22 February 2008 05:48
Activity- Lift up Luke 4.

Goal- Make Luke 4 as central to Christianity as John 3:16, such that, when a speaker stands in front of a crowd and begins to recite Luke 4:18-19, the whole room can recite it, too.

Activities- put Luke 4 everywhere. On church signs, youth-group T-shirts, football endzone placards, billboards, on the wall in your house, on your website, in Christian songs, worship music, and cantatas, in secular music, in worship readings, at mission sites and activities, in everything written by and about the Covenant,... you get the idea.

Let Luke 4 be on the tip of every Christian's tongue.

Rev. Judy Fackenthal    12 February 2008 08:51
I found myself thoroughly blessed by the entire event! It revealed to me the possibilities of what happens on behalf of God's Kingdom when people lay down divisons of theology, race, gender, and geography and come together in God's power.
I would like to suggest two things:
1. Would it be possible to receive a listing of churches from our areas so we know with whom we could network in mission and ministry? I envision joining others (Baptist and others) in working against issues of poverty, sexual exploitation, violence, etc..
2. As pastor of a low-income small inner city church I would love to learn about resources that we could tap into for leadership and community development. I picture a partnership of a church like the one I serve and a church in a village in Africa or elsewhere. I envision both churches being trained simultaneously and cooperatively in these two areas. I know there are resources out there, could the New Baptist Covenant serve as a place to make these possibilities reality?
Thank you again for a truly blessed gathering. I hope and pray we are able to do this again and to join together even more Baptists in bringing God's Kingdom to earth!
In the peace and hope of God,
Rev. Judy Fackenthal
Garfield Park Baptist Church
1061 E. Southern Ave.
Indpls, IN 46203

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