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Celebration Comments

If you attended the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, please leave us your impressions and comments relating to your experiences during the event.

Your post will be added to the list below, viewable by others who visit this site. Thank you for sharing your impressions.

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carwad    09 December 2009 12:39

meL_    10 August 2008 23:52
Heaven is at hand -- Jesus
THIS is Heaven.
Why do You reject THAT?

From Jesus: eyes that SEE,
ears that HEAR.. just functional.. the Soul.

Why do You reject THAT?

God is SEEN.

Why do You reject THAT?

i dont.

Dont faint.


Thalia Velasco    24 February 2008 22:50
We were invited to be in the New Baptist Convenant at Atlanta. we came from Mexican Baptist Convention.
In Mexico we baptist are less than the 1% of the population, so we were delighted to meet so many Baptists!
My commentary is that in North America thare are three Countries, not only USA. Canada, USA and Mexico so if it`s possible we`ll like to be more involved even we`re a very small Convention.
We can present our plans, the way we witness in a very Catholic country, and Iґm sure the Canadian Baptist have interesting issues as well.
May the Lord be with you and that this will become a movement!
Thalia Velasco

Stefan Andre Waligur    23 February 2008 21:12
Dear Friends in Christ,

When I heard about the New Baptist Covenant I was delighted! How good it is when sisters and brothers come together in true unity!
It is said that there the Blessing of God flows!

In the Peace of Christ,
Stefan Andre Waligur

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