The Celebration Event
Pray that the Jesus theme will ring authentically and clearly in the hearts, first, and in the words of those who have been asked to speak or give leadership in all the sessions.

Pray for all who will be speaking that God will protect them and use them to stir the hearts and minds of Baptists across North America.

Pray that the preaching and teaching of the Word of God will be especially powerful and life changing as its truth penetrates our hearts and minds.

Pray that the witness that Baptists want to make to the world about Jesus and who we are will be clearly heard and understood. Pray for our communications people that they will know the best way to help that happen.

Pray that the coming together of Baptists from every language and culture, every race and ethnicity, every background rich in its own gifts, will result in a new appreciation and gladness for one another. 
Pray that we will all learn from one another and that God can bring about a unity of heart and spirit as we face our troubled world.

Pray that as we get to know one another better we will really grow to love, and even like, one another more.