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The New Baptist Covenant Celebration will bring together a diverse group of Baptists from throughout North America. An attendance of over 20,000 is expected, and some of the most outstanding Baptist laypersons and ministers in the world will participate.

One group that will benefit most from this historic gathering will be Baptist seminary and theology school students. Engaging students in this meeting will provide an educational experience that cannot be duplicated. This meeting will undoubtedly make a direct and profound impact on your life and the lives of your fellow students. 

In order to provide an opportunity for as many seminary students as possible to attend the Celebration, a program called the Stephenson Seminary Scholars has been established.  For those students who are accepted into the program, scholarships will be provided to partially fund their participation in the Celebration. In addition to the meeting itself, students will have the opportunity to participate in specially designed coursework, fellowship opportunities during the Celebration, and a time of reflection after the Celebration with seminary faculty members. Also, students in the program may receive academic credit at their respective schools. Participants in the program will need to be in Atlanta by Wednesday evening, January 30, and remain through the class sessions, which will end on the afternoon of Saturday, February 2. 

On the Stephenson Seminary Scholars application, you will have the opportunity to assess areas of need that should be met in order for you to attend the January 2008 Celebration. These needs may include travel expenses, lodging, and/or meals. The goal of the program is to assist as many students as possible.  Therefore, when determining your areas of need, please consider carefully the level of assistance that is necessary. Students who are residing inside of the metro Atlanta area are eligible to apply for up to $100 in scholarship funds, and students residing outside of the metro Atlanta area are eligible to apply for up to $500 in scholarship funds. All funds are being provided through the generous gifts of individuals, churches, and organizations.
It is the strong belief of those who are planning the Celebration that by including future church and denominational leaders in this historic event, the impact of the New Baptist Covenant can be transformational. We look forward to your participation in this remarkable opportunity for growth, reconciliation, fellowship, and change. 

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Housing Options 

Students planning to attend the 2008 Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant who need affordable housing options may contact Bailey Nelson in the New Baptist Covenant office. These housing opportunities are available to students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs of study.  Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue until all locations are full.


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New Baptist Covenant
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